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We know the value of clean email marketing list and We work to help you validate it.

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Who are We?

There was a time when we had a 1M+ emails list and Our team was working hard to send an email to everyone. But that time we had only a 1-2% Open rate. That was shocking, Then we decided to understand what went wrong. After studying a lot we found that our emails are good but the main problem is our email list. We found that in our email list there are 60% of user emails was temp mail (Disposable Email Address). That was shocking for us.

So we found that all our resources are stolen by users using Disposable Emails. After that experience, we figured a way to clean an email address in realtime before even taking an email to our mailing list. Which helped us a lot to grow a healthy email list. Then we decided to share our technology to other needy businesses.

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