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5,000 Verifications

$ 0.0020 per Verification


10,000 Verifications

$ 0.0015 per Verification


25,000 Verifications

$ 0.0012 per Verification


50,000 Verifications

$ 0.00050 0.0010 per Verification

$25 $50

100,000 Verifications

$ 0.00045 0.0009 per Verification

$45 $90

200,000 Verifications

$ 0.00035 0.0007 per Verification

$70 $140

500,000 Verifications

$ 0.00030 0.0006 per Verification

$150 $300

1,000,000 Verifications

$ 0.00025 0.0005 per Verification

$250 $500

2,000,000 Verifications

$ 0.00020 0.0004 per Verification

$400 $800

5,000,000 Verifications

$ 0.00015 0.0003 per Verification

$750 $1,500

No monthly payment, no upfront fee, credits never expire.
All prices include taxes and fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most common questions below.

The turn-around time depends on the email providers and domains being verified. For a list containing popular whitelisted domains mostly Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! it takes less than 10 minutes to check 10,000 email addresses.
Yes, We do store your email address when you upload your list for verification. But we store all your data encrypted in our database with special technique that only you the logged in user can descrypt your own list to see it. Also all data older than 6 months automatically get deleted for security reasons.
We proud ourselves to be the most cost-effective solution in the market. We're the #1 ranked email verifier according to independent customer reviews thanks to our high accuracy, easy to use, speed and low prices.
We offer volume discounts and can provide dedicated email validation infrastructure for Enterprise customers. Please get in touch via chat or contact us page to learn more.
For large lists (i.e. > 10,000), we suggest checking every 2 weeks. Smaller lists can be checked monthly Email addresses are always changing. People change email addresses as they (for example):

Move Internet providers
Move to a new employer
Change name (e.g. after getting married)

If your business relies on email lists for its marketing, it's important that you keep the lists current and “clean” to maximize your target potential and reduce the overheads associated with managing too many “bounced” emails. This is why we recommend frequent checking.
Yes, Expect some cases of provate email providers we can verify all and every possible email address. Also we provider invalid checks credits refund per list. So you dont need to worry about false credit usage at all.